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Biotherapeutics Discovery

Transformational technologies to design, construct, and optimize biotherapeutics

  • Informed protein design optimizes molecular properties resulting in superior efficacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety, manufacturability and differentiations

Bioconjugation technologies

  • Novel approaches that enhance antibody function or improve site-specific bioconjugation

体育投注正规网址Combinatorial biologics such as bi-specific and multi-functional platforms with promising biophysical and manufacturing properties

Structure-based and computational design of therapeutics

  • Novel technologies to rationally design antibody, protein and peptide therapeutics that display superior pharmaceutical properties (including selectivity, half-life extension, stability, formulatability)

Technologies that enhance multi-transmembrane protein target expression/presentation for antibody generation and screening

Technologies and patient sample access for antibody discovery from human antibody responses

体育投注正规网址Targeted delivery technologies that address/overcome cell membrane penetration, cross blood brain barrier

体育投注正规网址Technologies that can significantly enhance general protein expression, purification, stability for discovery

体育投注正规网址Integrated service providers to support early discovery activities for development of therapeutics

体育投注正规网址Broadly applicable platforms to enhance speed/quality of antibody generation

Novel biologics, combination therapies, and “biobetters” that fit Pfizer strategies