, we are dedicated to promoting the selection and use of environmentally preferable chemicals, eliminating waste and conserving energy.

体育投注正规网址It is integral to the way we do business and delivers sustainable, long-term profitability through safer more efficient processes; increased product yield that are compatible with protecting the environment; and the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, and the communities where we live and work.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Proactively integrate Green Chemistry into research and development.
  • Retroactively integrate Green Chemistry into current Pfizer products, where feasible.
  • Reduce the use of undesirable solvents in research, development, and manufacturing.
  • Develop new drugs with greatly improved E-Factors (kilos of waste per kilo of product).
  • Educate scientists and engineers about Green Chemistry so it becomes intrinsic to the way they work.

Notable actions we're taking to help make our processes greener include:

  • Recognizing a decade of Green Chemistry Leadership through various internal and external engagements, including the flagship event at our Groton Site;
  • Striving to shift our entire development portfolio to be greener than compounds developed 10-15 years ago;
  • Working to fully integrate Green Chemistry into how we bring products to patients;
  • Convening multi-disciplinary Green Chemistry teams of chemists, process engineers and EHS professionals across Pfizer;
  • Establishing guides to help chemists and engineers select more environmentally beneficial reagents, catalysts, and solvents; and
  • Publishing scientific papers and interviews in professional journals highlighting Green Chemistry benefits.