Measuring and Monitoring

Pfizer measures, monitors, evaluates, tracks and reports environment, health and safety (EHS) performance metrics considered material to managing our global EHS program and our business. We do this through a combination of data collection and verification, internal audits, facility self-assessments and management system reviews that span the site, functional and corporate levels. We use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and externally report our global performance.


Pfizer's scope for data collection is directed by our EHS Standards. With the exception of smaller sources (leased R&D < 50k sq ft and Commercial / Logistics Centers < 100k sq ft), EHS performance data includes Pfizer manufacturing, R&D, commercial and logistics center facilities and excludes outsourced operations. Environmental data is baseline-adjusted in accordance with the . Facility closures are included in the data set while divested units are not. Injury and illness data does not follow WRI since it is rate-based and is therefore, not baseline adjusted.

Disclosure and Performance Reporting

Pfizer emphasizes accuracy, transparency and usability when disclosing and reporting our EHS performance. We report annually on key EHS performance indicators, many of which follow guidelines and consider the

Our external website and Pfizer's annual integrated report, which highlights our financial, environmental and social performance, serve as the primary channels for publicly disclosing our EHS performance. Additionally, we voluntarily participate in various sustainability questionnaires, such as those offered by  (carbon, water), (Climate Innovation Index), and (Green Rankings)